Short Story #13 – the Pain and the Gain

My boss’s wife gave birth to their first children yesterday. He was sharing this with full of joy.

In fact, during the past month, he was in and out of office, allocate all the jobs to us in order to take care of his wife patiently with the best he could. Yes, my job definitely becomes heavier and much stressful yet I enjoy it. I feel happy for him as well.

He was not like this before. Back then, he worked endless days and nights, replying emails within a short period of time, delivering the task with quick turnover. Until his wife started to get pregnant, he slowed down his pace and focus to take care of his wife more. Yes, if you would ask me, every husband will do the same thing. Nevertheless, for a guy who had 360 degree changes surprised me. The curiosity in me leads me to ask him about this.

“When I was small, my parents were working as a stock broker. During the financial crisis, my parents were so busy until they have no time to take care of me. I always remembered back then, I need to write on a whiteboard at home in order to deliver my message to them. Hence, I told myself, I will never do the same to my children.”

It’s the pain that motivates us to be a better person. It’s our pain of the past moves us forward to improve ourselves. Without pain, we never improve while still laying back with slow pace. It’s my boss pain back then had led him to pay much more attention to his children.

Asking myself, what’s my pain back then that move me forward? Also, what’s my pain now to push me further? If I have none right now, I might in a comfort zone. I need to create pain to move forward. It’s the motivation.


Short Story #12 – Keep Learning

It supposed to be a long time story yet it keep delay.  Yeah, procrastination sucks! I do need to admit that.

While working on a typical day in the morning, headache on my plans still going on which related to my work. I received a text from my aunt who works in a wet market selling kid wear. She said: “Hey Liang, do me a favour, help to promote this website please.”

As usual, the curiosity in me click on the link inside and peek what it is. It sorts of an e-commerce website that sells different clothes. Yet, it caught my attention when I saw my aunt name in it. I asked, “You hired someone to create this website for you?”

“No, I learnt myself. I attended a course recently to learn how to create a website with payment channel attached.” This definitely surprised me and kept me continued to ask why she needs that.

“Economy is bad, got to think of alternatives to earn via different channels.” She told me with a depressing tone.

Nevertheless, she earned my respect on this. All of us know is a growth mindset that we should adopt on. The inspiring effect amplify when it happened with our relatives, especially someone who is much older than us.

Thanks for such small action inspired me. It keeps me moving on in life.

Short Story #11 – Personal touch

Our GCEO called for a team meeting with us this morning. It got us really busy the whole day to prepare some information for his reference.

We were asked to introduce ourselves. Of course, he still remembers me which always amazed me how he is able to remember all staff name in office.

He asked, “Liang, are you married?”

“Of course no,” I replied

“Are you single?” He asked again.

“Yes, Sir,” I said

“Get yourself suit up, our 2,000 cabin crew will be moving back into office next month, I better see you get it done. If not, I will need you to move to cabin crew department to ensure you get someone.” As expected, people in the room laughed.

After the meeting, as tradition goes and claimed for the sake of prosperity, we took a group photo together. He walked to me and unbutton my first button on top, took off my glasses and comb my hair to the side. He said,”This is how you should do to attract girls, Liang.” Everyone just laughed again

I couldn’t take it for granted. Yet, it lets me understand that he is asking me to get myself to be better.  Also, it acts as another wake-up call for me to be real humble, sincere and be the one who understands people.

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.’ Remember Liang, remember.




“想说,把我的音乐当成一个保险箱,把你不开心和眼泪把它存在里面,我帮你保管。出去的时候,带着开心,带着希望。等到不开心的时候再听这些歌,把眼泪拿出来。眼泪是珍珠,是宝贝,因为只有流过泪,才会成长。” – 啦啦哈啦









“会唱的可以和我一起唱。但记得,万一唱得太大声,担心你身边的人也跟着哭了” – 演唱 《浪费》的前段介绍

成长,不知怎么的,有时候你觉得自己很想哭。但,你忘了哭的感觉是什么。原来,坚强的当儿,你忘了内心的软弱。也让你知道,让别人看到自己的软弱其实也不是一件很让人羞辱的事。它更是一种让人更容易相处的地方。其实,每个人都一样,需要一个聆听者,需要一个人,一起成长,学习。让我想起,我在泰国的一位知己说的话:“dont forget,never lose your human touch。”


“无论多挫折,前面都会有一个人等着你。要一直往前走” – 《寻人启事》写作灵感





With Google Flight, You could Easily Check all Your Flight Details

Do you know that every single detail of the flight ticket could actually lead us to know where you are flying next? Yes, with Google Flight, things could get done with a few keywords search. Also, the feature perfectly fits what a passenger needs nowadays.

Yes, with Google Flight, things could get done with a few keywords search. Also, the feature perfectly fits with what a passenger needs nowadays. (Next time, don’t attempt to post a flight ticket and let the public to guess where you are going in social media. Haha!)

  1. Checking flight schedule

Let’s say I plan to fly to Bangkok for a weekend trip but I hope to have a look on all flight operator on which flight time perfectly suits on me. Type: Kuala Lumpur – Bangkok schedule. It will show up something like this


With this, you are able to look for the right schedule with the right timing for you.

2. Request email notification to track your desire price

Many people do not know that you could actually request Google Flight to send an email to you if the price ticket reached you desired price. How? Change from “schedule” to “flight”. It should be Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok flight. It will appear as below:


Next, did you see track price column?


Just switched it on and you are able to receive an email the cheapest ticket price on the daily basis! You may need guidance on how to buy the cheap flight ticket.

3. You can check the lowest price in the calendar just like other online travel agent website.

You may click on the calendar and it will show the lowest price of the day.


4. Not to forget: Google will also advise you the right time to travel. 


All of us always bought our flight before we asked for leave application right? So, our dates are really flexible. No worries, Google Flight will capture the right time for this.

5. Checking whether the flight delay or on time

Yes! It really easy to check whether the flight is delayed or not! Just by typing your flight number in the search bar: Try this: AK 892 and you should be able to see the flight time like this:


Great! The flight is on time, I should be able to pick my family from the airport. (Yes, it works well on mobile phone as well) Of course, flight do delay.

Also, did you see which gate that we should check in? With Google Flight, flight dashboard is no longer a need nowadays, just open your smartphone will do.

One last thing regarding Google Flight and other online travel agent website

Sometimes, you might realise that the price will have some discrepancy comparing to the airline website. This is due to not every airline will allow the website to publish on the internet or they just allow Google Flight to publish it out without airport tax and service charge fees add on. Keep an eye when you book. Nonetheless, Google Flight is a great tool to use it around

Safe travelling people! 😀


Why do flights delay?


Well, I believe most of the people who took flight do experience delayed before. Indeed, it is frustrated especially most of us is planning for a happy vacation, isn’t it?

Apparently, I have been encountered many questions from my friends asking me why flight delay. Sometimes, might cause an issue that passengers will just post in social media without clarifying the reason behind. I believe, everything happened for a reason. Yes, flight do delay and there are a few reasons which cause so.

  1. Aircraft flies to different destination in a day with a quick turnaround 

This is a common reason which happened in low-cost carrier. In a low-cost business model, in order to minimise cost with huge revenue. Every aircraft will require flying more than 10 hours a day to maximise profit margin. For instance, an aircraft will have a return flight to Kuching. (which only staying in Kuching for 25 minutes turnaround). Then, flying to Langkawi and Ho Chi Minh with also same 25 minutes turnaround.

Therefore, if you were to fly to Ho Chi Minh in the evening, you might experience the slight delay as the morning flight to Kuching or the afternoon flight to Langkawi face some difficulties on the ground (could be any reasons such as passengers late check-in etc.). Hence, you will experience the slight delay to your destination.

Why a full-service carrier like MAS or Cathay have less delay incident? 

If you observe well, they will park their aircraft at the airport for at least an hour instead of AirAsia do a quick 25 minutes turnaround to maximise utilisation. This is a good step to ensure that passengers able to have a luxurious experience on board and sufficient time for crews to prepare the next flight. Do bear in mind, as a price sensitive passenger, you know the price difference between both business model airline.

2. Airports are too congested

A well-developed airport should have better facilities in assisting aircraft to depart on time. Yet, especially in Asia where most of our airports are highly congested (an efficient airport should have about 60 aircraft taking off/hr). Hence, if an aircraft take off slowly or a late instruction by air traffic control, it will create a snowball effect to every aircraft that unable to land/take off on time. Eventually, referring to point (1), you will experience a slight delay in the evening.

3. Airports need maintenance too

Yet, do bear in mind, airport runways need maintenance too. In such cases, normally you will receive a message weeks or days earlier that your flight schedule has changed. One of the internal reasons which we know is airport runway maintenance. The airport will send an email to inform all the airlines that during the certain period, aircraft unable to land at the airport. Hence, they will let airlines to opt for few flights schedule which able to fit the flight schedule.

4. Weather is an important factor too

If a heavy rain happened on that day, due to the slippery condition of the runway, air traffic control will stop aircraft from landing until the condition getting better. Besides, major weather cases such as typhoon in Hong Kong or volcano ash in Bali will cause an airport to stop operating for few days. Hence, you might have to stay in the airport until the runway is clear.

No one likes flight delay, same goes to airline staff too. As a passenger, what we could do is to ask the reason behind. Also, we should read airline website to understand what an airline able to compensate with certain hours of delaying. Every airline differs with different types of compensation. At least we know what our right is as a passenger to claim for the right compensation.

Actually, living in digitalization era, we are able to check whether the flight delay or not by just typing in the right keywords in google. Moreover, google flight will actually able to assist us in comparing the best price, schedule and review the seats’ condition among all the airlines. Hmm… could be my next post perhaps?


To my 25 years old

致 25 岁的自己





你开始真的不那么拘谨于每一件事。你开始学习 follow the flow。你开始明白,有些事情 (尤其旅行)少些计划,更能让你有着让你预想不到的惊喜。而且,与其冲冲忙忙的走一回。倒不如,专注与几个地方,让自己充电就行。你觉得,有些事,让它随风而去总比严谨规划来得好。结果更是出奇的美好,顺利。





你更愿意,和别人分享一切。你愿意,聆听别人的故事,明白别人。更会懂得当个聆听者。你开始明白,人与人之间的确需要一个human touch。这是对自己, 对别人的最起码的礼仪。